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They have the cheeriest and most hopeful flavor of the berries, but act fast. What looked like a basket of jewels at the market can turn to mush by the time you get to your front door. Americans seem to be forgetting how good fresh raspberry purée can be -- strain and sweeten it, and you are two-thirds of the way to an ice cream sundae.
Left alone with some sugar for 15 minutes they will also give you a topping for shortcake or angel food cake, whose only near rival is a mound1 of macerated strawberries.
Unlike strawberries, though, raspberries don't lose their spirit when you cook them. If you can get a flat or two at a decent price, make jam right away. But just a pint2, baked with their weight in sugar at 325 degrees for 20 minutes or so and then stirred to dissolve the sugar, will make a very loose jam. It won't keep long, but it will taste like the morning sun.
A peach is almost impossible to screw up. Before they're ripe, peaches can slip into a salad or a skillet, where after a few minutes with butter and seasoning3 (allspice? fennel seed? saffron? sage4?) they are ready to meet grilled5 duck, pork chops or a sliced ham. Once they're soft all over, eat or cook without delay. Even a few hours in a fruit bowl on a summer afternoon is enough to fur them with mold, after which emergency measures may or may not help.
Blueberries earn their high ranking in part by appearing so often in the wild, spread across valley meadows and mountaintop clearings. The ground-hugging, scrubby bushes have the darkest, smallest, most concentrated fruit, while the high-bush varieties will fill your hat or basket faster. A small haul can be enough for pancakes, muffins or a bowl of cereal. The other trait that raises them high on the list, though, is that even a handful pitched into anything made with stone fruits, or other berries, produces tiny explosions of flavor and color.
Nobody shares a cherry. Its pleasures are private, from the way it rolls loose in your mouth once you pluck the stem to the sudden rush of juice -- which in your first taste of the year is always more lush and complicated than you remember -- to the quiet, propulsive6 exit of a stripped-clean pit. Pit them for a pie filling that will make you wish you'd bought 10 more pounds for the freezer. Boil them with sugar and maybe a vanilla7 bean, and you have a base for sodas8, lime rickeys, any number of cocktails9, or best of all an ice cream sauce so bright and intense that other toppings can stand down.
You could call its flavor plain. Or one-dimensional. You could say it's boring and still not get much argument. But complex aromatic10 compounds did not make the watermelon the champion of summer fruits. No, it is the watermelon's eagerness to join any party in sight. Carve out a plug of rind, patiently feed the melon a bottle of vodka as if you were giving baby formula to a pet pig, then stopper it up and refrigerate. Saber the top off, scoop11 the guts12 out, and behold13 the bowl for your watermelon punch. Blend, strain, add water and lime juice -- that's agua de sandia.


1 mound unCzhy ?? ?
  • The explorers climbed a mound to survey the land around them.勘探者爬上土丘去勘测周围的土地。
  • The mound can be used as our screen.这个土丘可做我们的掩蔽物。
2 pint 1NNxL ?? ?
  • I'll have a pint of beer and a packet of crisps, please.我要一品脱啤酒和一袋炸马铃薯片。
  • In the old days you could get a pint of beer for a shilling.从前,花一先令就可以买到一品脱啤酒。
3 seasoning lEKyu ?? ?
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4 sage sCUz2 ?? ?
  • I was grateful for the old man's sage advice.我很感激那位老人贤明的忠告。
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5 grilled grilled ?? ?
adj. 烤的, 炙过的, 有格子的 动词grill的过去式和过去分词形式
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  • He was grilled until he confessed. 他被严加拷问,直到他承认为止。
6 propulsive kRkx3 ?? ?
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  • Interest in jet propulsive force was now growing at the Air Ministry.航空部对喷气推进的兴趣正在增加。
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11 scoop QD1zn ?? ?
  • In the morning he must get his boy to scoop it out.早上一定得叫佣人把它剜出来。
  • Uh,one scoop of coffee and one scoop of chocolate for me.我要一勺咖啡的和一勺巧克力的。
12 guts Yraziv ?? ?
v.狼吞虎咽,贪婪地吃,飞碟游戏(比赛双方每组5人,相距15码,互相掷接飞碟);毁坏(建筑物等)的内部( gut的第三人称单数 );取出…的内脏n.勇气( gut的名词复数 );内脏;消化道的下段;肠
  • I'll only cook fish if the guts have been removed. 鱼若已收拾干净,我只需烧一下即可。
  • Barbara hasn't got the guts to leave her mother. 巴巴拉没有勇气离开她妈妈。 来自《简明英汉词典》
13 behold jQKy9 ?? ?
  • The industry of these little ants is wonderful to behold.这些小蚂蚁辛勤劳动的样子看上去真令人惊叹。
  • The sunrise at the seaside was quite a sight to behold.海滨日出真是个奇景。
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